Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Manicure

In honor of the upcoming romantic holiday, I had some fun with my manicure opting for an accent color on my ring fingers.  I'm fond of this trend right now, are you??  Too bad my first fingernail is so short compared to the rest!  My 3-year old didn't seem to care.  When I got home from the nail salon and he saw my pink nails, he said they looked, "beautiful."  Melted this mama's heart.  I told him thank you and explained that all  girls like to be told they are beautiful- it's a nice thing to say.  You can't start too early;)

This is a shellac manicure (which I highly recommend because the paint stays fresh for about two weeks!) I don't recall the name of the pale pink color, but the brighter pink is called Pink Flamenco.  

I did my toes in the brighter pink too.  Maybe I can pair those toes with these BCBG sandals?!

Would be a sweet V-day gift!  Do you have anything special on your Valentine's wish list?

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  1. I love your mani! My nails are a wreck right now. That's what happens when you take off the shellac and then proceed to do too many DIY projects. LOL James is such a sweetie!!

  2. i love this trend too! such a fun way to change up a typical manicure. love the colors that you chose!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. Looks pretty - I've tried Shellac before but I hate having to go back to have it taken off. Would probably be better than having chipped polish on all the time. ;) Love those shoes!

  4. yep. Shellac is the only way to go. Love that stuff!

  5. Adorable! Loving the mani!

    Brooke =)

  6. I am trying to get my husband to get us a couples mani/pedi..
    but I think I am asking to much... lol

  7. Shellac polish changed my life! haha, okay, a bit melodramatic but man, I love how long it lasts! The pink looks awesome and I'm a huge fan of the fancy ring finger :)

  8. Cute mani... I need to get on the Shellac bandwagon. Love your blog and your home!


  9. I liked the shellac mani I got, except I didnt want to get it taken off professionally so I peeled it myself- terrible for your nails!!! Plus I dont think the UV light is good for my skin. and frankly manicures arent good for my wallet. hahah. But i loved how they instantly harden. I would do it again for a big event!

    Back to my $2 sale polish for everyday tho!

  10. I already bought myself this:

    I know it is silly, but I love it. My hubby can be really romantic, so I knew it was a silly gift to ask him for. :)

  11. You've got great nails Megan! Love that sweet pink manicure...so pretty. James is such a cutie! He's going to have lots of girls after him before too long. Cute and with manners! You are a good mama.

  12. Love your manicure. I'm a slave to shellac manicures. I usually tend to get french manicures because it's hard to notice the regrowth. I can easily go 3 weeks between manicures. I just bought myself an at-home nail gel system from Ulta for Valentine's Day!


  13. Super cute! I'll be working on my nails tonight too! :)

  14. I love e shoes! They are awesome!!

  15. Absolutely LOVE this mani and those shoes are to die for! I have been doing the Shellac for so long, and decided to give my nails a break for a week or so! xo



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