Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dough Bowl

I've had my eye on a dough bowl for quite some time now.  I love the shape and simplicity of these rustic looking bowls.  I was trying to find a good deal on a large size for our kitchen island or breakfast table.

I had pinned a few from etsy, but then, imagine my surprise when I was at our annual holiday Nutcracker market and I stumbled upon rows and rows of the infamous bowls.  I was with my girlfriend and she had no idea what I was getting so excited about- she's all a "dough what?"

The one I chose is pretty large (36x10 inches) and was $75 after tax.  It's from Paul Michael Company. The giant glass lamps I left behind are still haunting me, but that's another story.

For Thanksgiving, I've got pinecones (a few embellished with gold spray paint), faux green apples and real manderin oranges in mine.  

I love seeing how other people use their dough bowls to hold everything from crayons (Emily A. Clark)

to pumpkins (Sand & Sisal)

I can see them getting decked out with a little faux snow, some bright red berries, and greenery come this weekend!

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  1. I would love to find one. You are right, they can be quite pricey. They are such a simple piece, and so easy to decorate with. Might have to hunt for one this weekend.

  2. I have one of these. I didn't really know what it was for quite sometime. Yours is lovely.

  3. I was on a hunt for a dough bowl for about a month! The prices went from good to outrageous. And then some of them were lop sided. I finally found one locally and it was the perfect size and straight. I am using it on my outdoor trestle table with some faux boxwood spheres (you know how I like my fake plants lol) . I am tempted to bring it inside to use it for the holidays, they are so versatile.

  4. That bowl reminds me of the one my grandmother had. I love the one you choose!

  5. I am a big an of these. In fact, I just planned a really long centerpiece for Christmas and this would be so cute. I love keeping our crayons in a smaller version of this {i copied Emily!}

  6. I saw them at the Nutcracker market as well. I hesitated on buying it but after seeing yours.. I wish I would have bought it!

  7. Reminds me of the cool rustic bowls I bring back from Guatemala!

  8. I like how long and narrow yours is for a table centerpiece. I see lots of huge ones at flea markets but they always have big price tag!

  9. Love the long size of yours (twss) -- and great price!! Hope you're having a great day sweet friend...so thankful for you and your friendship.

  10. I was not familiar with these bowls before I read your post, and now I am obsessed with finding the perfect dough bowl!! I can't wait to get one and fill it with holiday decorations!


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