Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yep, I've been bitten by the Instagram bug!  Have you?  I've had an account for a long time, but wasn't using it until Cassie (Hi Sugarplum) recently prompted me to join in on the fun.  I must say, I'm quite addicted and love it in a different way than Pinterest because you can see glimpses of your friends' daily lives.  It's a small (fun) way to stay connected across the miles.

Instagram not only allows you to edit your photos with really cool effects, but you can also write captions and your friends can comment.  Yeah, pretty fun if you have some time on your hands. :)

I'm @honeywerehome if you're interested in following along.   

Left to Right // Top to Bottom

1.  Cassie and me one year ago
2.  Carnations in a mason jar in my kitchen 
3.  Too hot for anything but ice cream
4.  Birthday gift for my BFF
5.  L O V E
6.  Me & James
7.  James' monthly haircut with his hottie haircutter, Andi 
8.  Paint swatch for kitchen cabinets
9.  My new toys

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  1. Don't you just LOVE instagram!?! It makes everything more beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That was one of the first apps I got for my phone and I forget to use it!

  3. I've really, really need to get an Instagram account. I've been meaning to...

    What an awesome friend to get you something from Tory Burch for your birthday!

  4. I'm just as addicted! It's better than FB in my opinion! xo

  5. Yes, I'm totally addicted! Love your pics : )

  6. I love IG, it's my fave app! Glad to see you on there too!

  7. I'm never on FB, but checking Instagram every hour! Hi to my new followers!!

  8. I need to get on instagram still! It seems I'm the only one who's not, and I love your pics! So fun.

  9. So it's dawning on me that I'm not following you?! Need to fix that.

  10. aw -- sweet megan...thanks for the link and cute pics! i'm SO ADDICTED to instagram! totally my favorite of the social medias. I think it's the hashtags...they give me permission to be snarky ;)

  11. Love Instagram! I especially love that I've gotten so much handier at taking better shots with my iPhone, too.

  12. I started using it about three weeks ago...

  13. I'm so intimidated by Instagram. I have an account and use it for the editing options and will occasionally share a picture on facebook, but I'm so overwhelmed with social media, I feel like I cannot keep up. How do you do it all?

  14. I know what you mean! I barely ever Tweet or use Facebook, but Instagram and Pinterest are so easy and I'm on them all the time!

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