Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Favorite Free Fonts

As you know, I have a thing for fonts and I don't like paying for them:)  All the fonts I use on my blog I downloaded from the internet for FREE!  Below are a list of my favorite fonts, and below that, where to find them.

Go to the websites listed below, and search for the font you want to download.

DaFont.com has the following fonts:

Before the Rain
Black Jack Regular
Budmo Jiggler
Channel Slanted
Dear Joe
Honey Script
Many Weatz
Riskrift Clean
Shadows into Light
Simply Glamorous

Fontspace.com has the following fonts:
Handford Script
Respective Slanted
Vaguely Fatal
Worstveld Sling Extra Oblique

Fonts101.com has the following fonts:

FontSquirrel.com has the following fonts:
Rock Salt
St. Marie Thin

ScrapbookingFonts.com has the following fonts:
Olive Oil

I couldn't find "Maximo" any longer, if you know where it is, please leave me a comment so I can update this post:)

On my computer, I have these fonts in a folder labeled "favorites" and I love that I can see at a glance what the font looks like.


  1. Thanks Megan! Will definitely be downloading some of these!

  2. Thank you for sharing!! I am definitely downloading!!!

  3. I *heart* free fonts too! I have thousands and I use the free program called AMP Font Viewer. I see some on your list that I don't have, I need to head on over to those sites and download me some new fonts. :)

    Have you been to this site yet?

    You will LOVE it, they have the cutest fonts, my absolute faves.

    I just posted pics of our big boy room reveal, just in case you wanted to check out pics.

    Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!!

  4. I love fonts too! Thanks for sharing, found some goodies I haven't downloaded yet:)

  5. Awesome, I've been looking for some new ones. Thanks for posting!

  6. I LOOOOVE those! At one point, I figured out how to download the fonts and get them to show up in Word, Publisher, etc. Now I can't remember how I did it. :s

  7. I really like these fonts! I haven't branched out from the standard fonts on my blog yet but I should. These look really fun and would help make the blog a little more personalized.
    P.S I love your fonts on your blog.

  8. These are fantastic. I am struggling with not being able to use fancy fonts through Live Writer. How did you use them when your were using LW? Do you remember?

  9. Thanks Megan! Where is the last font ("Zapfino" I think) from? I didn't see that one in the lists. Thanks!

  10. I LOVE being introduced to new fonts, thanks for sharing this!! :)

  11. Thanks for the links! Great idea put them in a folder. I always forget what I've downloaded when they are mixed in with all of the regular fonts!

  12. These are great fonts! I'm so lame about fonts that I'm not quite sure how to actually USE them within my blogger blog post. Perhaps you could do a tutorial on that? :)

  13. Zapfino comes with Macs, and is very much not a free font. :) Thank you for this list and the links, love it!

  14. Some of my favorite fonts as well! I have to download the rest. I <3 fonts and free is always better.

  15. This is so kind and generous of you! I love all my fellow bloggers. You guys are the most considerate group of people I know! Thanks a bunch

  16. where did you find the last one? the zapfino or zaptino font? i probably totally looked like a brother and didn't see it listed...sorry.

  17. Yahoo! Thanks for posting this, I have the hardest time finding fonts I really like and there's a few here that I am really diggin!


  18. Thank you so much for posting this! You don't know how timely your post is! Since Picnik is leaving, I have been scrambling trying to redesign my blog and I have been looking for Honey Script everywhere. I recognize it from other blogs but had no clue of the name or how to even go about finding it. I now have it on my pc and I am so excited!!!!

    Quick question for you, in your Organized spices post, what application do you design your post pictures in using the Honey Script? I am trying to learn a few new tools and I love your pictures. Plus, you can't use Honey Script in Picnik.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  19. Oh thank you!!! You are amazing to share these.

  20. Thank you for sharing all of this! I love different fonts and this is all great info to have.

  21. I'm a font addict, too. Thanks for these!!

  22. Found the Maximo font you're looking for...


  23. Looks great! Channel Slanted is the best one!

    Your post features a lot of nice modern fonts.

  24. Were you ever able to find the Maximo? It's one of my fav's too and I lost it in a computer crash :/ Thx!

  25. I'm looking for Maximo too! I've yet to find it :(

  26. These are awesome fonts, thanks for sharing!!! what is your logo font for HWH, is that a free font too?


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