Monday, October 31, 2011

A Good Halloween

I hope y'all had a great Halloween.  We ended up trick-or-treating with our new neighbors who have a daughter James' age.  Our little DJ Lance wouldn't wear the hat and the glasses were too big- oh, well!

This was the only picture we got together- he's so busy!

  Isn't our friend's daughter adorable- she's two years old with the cutest curls.  James loved giving and receiving the candy. And he always said, "thank you." :)

I hope you had a great time too.  And I'll be bringing the leftover candy to the office tomorrow!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dining Room Progress {Drapes & Mirror}

We've made a little progress on the dining room over the weekend, and although it's not complete, I wanted to show you what we've accomplished so far.  As you recall, we started with this:

The curtains are hung, but they need some work.  I mistakenly gave my seamstress the wrong measurement, so they are too long and need to be hemmed.  I have them tucked under in the photo, so they don't look that bad, but they are actually about 10 inches too long.  Also, I'm going to have her line them (what was I thinking, assuming I could skip this step since they don't cover much of the window?)  

We bought a new mirror for the space too and I'm liking the clean lines.  It's the Reflection Mirror from Z Gallerie (32x48).  I also brought in our console table that was previously in the entryway (musical furniture:)  

I haven't yet decided on a chandelier, but I'm thinking we will be replacing our current one with something that fits the room better.  You can go here to see two that I've been contemplating and I've added the source information.  But, throwing a wrinkle into the mix, now I'm liking this one too!  It was on sale last week, but sadly, not anymore.  Now that we have a mirror, I'm going to keep looking to see what works best. 

The room isn't styled too well yet, but I love the leafy green stems in the vase.  I picked them up at the grocery store.  I was looking for one of those big banana leafs, but couldn't find any.

It's coming along.  And the rug is supposed to arrive tomorrow!  Now I'm pondering: 

*Something on either side of the mirror (sconces??) 
*Art for the other walls 
*Painting the walls 
*Accessories for the console table
*Table linens (runner)
*Pillows for accent chairs 

Hopefully we'll pull it together in time for the holidays! And speaking of holidays, are you getting excited???  

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hi all!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Are you getting ready for Halloween?  We've got a big bag of candy ready to pass out to the trick-or-treaters on our street and we'll also take our little DJ Lance out for a bit.  He's been practicing his "Trick-Or-Treat!" line for days:)

Today, we'll be carving some of these!

It's wild for me to look back at how little James was last year (and how dark his hair was)!  He wasn't even walking yet- now he's running! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dining Room Chandelier

I've been contemplating replacing the current chandelier in our dining room (yes, hubby, I know I chose it originally, and not that long ago) but chalk that up to one of the 'mistakes' I made when we built our house.  In my defense, I was the mom of a newborn and chose all the lighting for the entire house in about two hours (with the baby in tow and super fussy at the time).  I should have waited to choose some of our light fixtures since I wasn't "in love" with all of them, but felt pressured to decide right then.

So, I'm thinking of trying to sell our current chandy (I feel like it's too heavy and Tuscany-if that's a word) and replace it with something more like one of these below.



I'm still looking, and will wait to decide until the drapes are hung and the rug is in.  Then, I'll have a better idea of what will work.  Thoughts?  Do you think the current chandelier should be replaced? I'm sure my husband would love to hear from anyone who thinks it should stay:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Fit Foods

Well, life has been super busy around here lately and although I have fantasies of cooking healthy and delicious Barefoot Contessa-type meals for my family, it's not gonna happen this week.  So, My Fit Foods to the rescue!

My Fit Foods is pre-cooked packaged healthy meals that you just heat up for a couple minutes and they are ready to eat.  My husband is tying to eat healthier too, so he's game for it this week.  We bought enough for each of us for lunch and dinner.  I buy the small and he gets the medium or large (a large would be about enough for two meals for me).  Normally, I might just buy a couple a week to take to work for lunch so I don't have to go out or bring leftovers.

One of my favorite meals is the Atlantic Baked Salmon with quinoa and broccoli.  But I also really like the salmon cakes, chicken wrap, and chili.  They have breakfasts too and tons of choices.

The nutrition information is provided on each package, like this for my salmon:

All of the meals are based on a  40% low glycemic carbohydrates, 40% lean protein, and 20% healthy fat.  

I know My Fit Foods is in Texas and opening a location in Phoenix too.  I'm wondering if there's something similar where you live, and if so, have you tried it?  What do you think?  I remember before I tried it, the thought of pre-packaged foods sounded pretty bad, but they are actually good and you can't beat the convenience.   p.s.  I'm not being compensation by MFF for this post- I just wanted to share:)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cool iPhone Cases

Are you into the iPhone or over all the hype?!  Truth be told, I'm so not the electronic-savvy kind of gal and if it weren't for my hubby, I'd probably still have my old Nokia.  I get used to what I know, and am usually reluctant to make changes.  I'm trying to learn though and now I've got my eye on the WHITE iPhone.

The phone itself is pretty amazing as far as everything it can do and how easy it is to use.  It takes pretty good photos and videos too.  I have a friend who is a complete Apple junkie and wouldn't dream of covering the iPhone with a case, but there are some really cool iPhone cases out there.


And you can customize it in several colors and patters.


Friday, October 21, 2011


When I have some time to myself, one of my favorite things to do is go to the fabric store and browse the aisles looking at all the color combinations, patterns, and styles.  In my neck of the woods, there is a Joann Fabric store nearby, and they have a nice selection, especially their specialty fabrics.  I found the fabric for my office drapes there.

A little further away is my favorite High Fashion Home.  They have several floors of fabrics, bolt upon bolt, everything from silk to leather, upholstery and drapery, and tons of styles and selections.  I've been known to spend hours browsing, coming home with a purseful of samples.  Here are a few I shot with my phone on a past visit.

The fabric for my living room/breakfast room drapes was purchased from High Fashion Home.  And you may recall that most recently, our dining room will be finally getting a set of drapes with this new fabric.

I've also ordered fabric online before from and have been happy with my order.

Where do you find your fabric?  I've heard that Calico Corners and Tonic Living are good, but I've never shopped them.  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stylish Baby Shower & Blog Crush {Small Shop Studio}

I was home sick from work the other day and although I tried to sleep, it wouldn't happen.  So, naturally, I spent the day reading blogs:)  You do that too, right?  While catching up on La Dolce Vita (my first ever blog crush 3 years ago), I read that Paloma is introducing new contributors to write for her blog, including Erika Brechtel of Small Shop Studio.

I followed the link to the Small Shop Studio blog, which quickly sucked me in.  I spent half my morning reading through all of her posts and drooling over her home.  Wanna see why?  

Go here for the full Home Tour.

Erika recently hosted a baby shower for her sister-n-law and did.not.disappoint!  The grey and orange theme is stylish and sophisticated.  I love how she kept the design simple, yet fun and whimsical with the fish details.  Go here for the full info.

Are you in love too?  Don't you get a little rush when you find a new blog crush, something you haven't seen before that gives you a tingle and gets your head spinning with new ideas and fresh excitement?  

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