Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Halloween Costumes

I know, I know . . .  it’s too early for Halloween, but it’s never too early to see adorable babies!  Seriously, they are the cutest in their little costumes!  I was going nuts over these photos yesterday.  Just the sweetest.

image image

image image

I’m DYING over the sweet pea and the little guy so excited to be a pumpkin!

image image

image image

*First 8 images are from Pottery Barn Kids.

image image

   image image image image

image image

Holy cow, that baby is just so cute I could melt!


Which one is your favorite?  Have you thought about what your baby is going to be for Halloween?  James is going to be the cutest.pumpkin.ever! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Inspired Porch

Although it is still literally in the 90’s here weather-wise, I am so ready for fall and all the beautiful fall decor.  Fall just says crisp, cool days, home-baked goodies, and family togetherness to me.  It’s sweaters and boots and wreaths and pumpkins.  It’s the season we prepare for Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful for all of our blessings and focus on what’s important to us.  Including decor:)  This year, we have a new home to adorn with fall attire.  I’d love to come home to a porch like this:


Image via Pottery Barn

What is so beautiful and inviting about this space and can I make it happen at my home please (for less)? 

Wreath:  The full multi-colored leaf wreath is definitely the focal point of the porch.  It looks like it could be crafted in an afternoon while a little baby sleeps.  We have a double door though, so maybe I’ll make two smaller wreaths??

Lanterns:  The lanterns (two hanging and two floor) are also great.  We don’t have any lanterns on our house, but I’ve seen floor lanterns at Home Goods for a decent price.  Fill them up with tall candles and some walnuts and you’re set.

Hay:  Bushels of hay are pretty rustic and add height to the decorative accents.  Not sure where I could find hay??

Pumpkins:  What is fall without pumpkins?  A variety of textures and colors that blend nicely are scattered artfully about.  I can definitely scatter. 

Branches and Leaves:  A few more accessories layer the porch.  Sticks- easy to find in the yard and I have some leaves from Hobby Lobby.

Welcome Mat:  The PB mat is nice because it’s says ‘Welcome’ in big, bold letters.  We have a welcome mat, so that’s done:)

The only thing left to do is decide when to break out the fall decor.  I’m thinking mid-September or perhaps after Labor Day if I’m feeling ambitious. 

What are your plans for fall decor?  When do you start decorating?  Did you already start?  ha!

Media Cabinet Makeover

Thanks to my blog friends, I was able to finally! choose a paint color to paint the back of the media center in our living room.  Most of you who commented here, voted for the blue on the middle shelf.  Well, little did I know that that color was called “Jamestown Blue.”  A color with my son’s name had to be the one:)  Before I painted the media center, which is a built in unit, it looked like this:
Living Room Redo 006
I left the cabinet like this for about a week, then decided to paint the wall behind the television as well.  I didn’t paint it initially because the t.v. is too hard to move and I knew I’d only be able to do part of the wall.  Then, I realized the t.v. swiveled, making that paint job a bit easier.  So, now all of the walls on the media cabinet are painted and it looks more cohesive.
Media Cabinet Redo 001
I think it turned out pretty well.  The blue is really nice in person with just a hint of aqua.  It looks more slate and less sugary at home and is even prettier in the evening.
Step 1:  Remove all items from shelf
 Media Cabinet Makeover 013
Step 2:  Remove shelves and apply tape to avoid getting paint where you don’t want it.
 Media Cabinet Makeover 015
Step 3: Gather supplies (paint, foam rollers and brushes, bucket, drop cloth).
Media Cabinet Makeover 016
Step 4:  Cover ginormous t.v. with drop cloth.  (must.not.get.paint.on.t.v.must.not.get.paint.on.t.v.)!
Media Cabinet Makeover 017
Step 5:  Begin painting.  First I painted the frame with a foam brush.
Media Cabinet Makeover 020
Step 6: Then I used a foam roller to apply two coats of paint.
Media Cabinet Makeover 021
The cabinet looked like this when I was finished and put the shelves back in.  I do have some a lot of “touch up” work to do where the paint is uneven near where I taped.  I plan to get a small brush to redo those areas. 
Media Cabinet Makeover 002 
*Update:  When I went back and painted the area behind the t.v., I also did those touch-ups, this time using Blue Frog tape instead of blue tape and taking the tape off as soon as I was done painting, while the paint was wet.  The results were much better.  I made sure that the tape was pressed down very hard before painting. 
Cabinet Redo 001 Cabinet Redo 007
Instead of a 4 inch foam roller, I used a 6 inch fabric roller.  
 Cabinet Redo 004
A small paint brush was used to do the cut ins, instead of the foam brush. 
Cabinet Redo 009
  When the tape was removed, I had clean, crisp lines.  Yay!!!! So much better.
Cabinet Redo 008
I played around with the accessories, using a mix of silver, white and brown.  To me, silver, white, and black looked too stark and so the browns added some warmth.  I’m still searching for the perfect pictures to put in two of the silver frames.  Also, I’m thinking of adding some large books to the shelves above the t.v.  I tried removing the upper middle shelf, but it looked a bit odd.  I plan to do a post soon on where I found or repurposed all the lovely accessories. 
 Living Room Redo 025
Cabinet Redo 010 Living Room Redo 027
Media Cabinet Redo 003 

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where I Blog

Kate at Centsational Girl posed this question over the weekend:


I love the idea of asking this question because I also often wonder about those types of details of people’s lives.   For me, I typically blog after my son has gone to sleep and my husband and I have eaten dinner and spent a little time together.  My place of choice is on the corner of our couch in the living room.  

Media Cabinet Makeover 004

It’s a comfy spot to curl up in with my laptop, has a lamp, and is near an outlet so I can keep my computer plugged in.  I have an office, but it’s not completed and I prefer to be in the same room with my honey at night.  I’m sure that once I get the desk I ordered from Z Gallerie, I’ll have more incentive to finish my office and really want to spend more time in there.

I am dreaming of an office like this:


But for now, I get to connect with you all from my little corner of the couch!  I can’t wait to read everyone else’s responses!

Friday, August 27, 2010

HWH Featured

It feels so nice to have some of my projects featured recently on these wonderful blogs!!   Thank you, thank you, thank you:)  Go show them some love:)

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Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Girl’s Baby Shower {Owl}

Some friends and I hosted my sister-in-law’s baby shower over the weekend.  My sista is the best and has a cool, funky sense of style.  She’s having a girl, Miss V, and doing the nursery in an owl theme.  Here’s some pictures we snapped at the shower.
The entryway was adorned with a clothesline holding adorable onesies. 
Inside the formal dining room is where the gifts were stored until time to open.
All of the guests signed future birthday cards to be opened by Ms. V on her 1st, 5th, 10th, 16th, 18th, and 21st birthday.  I can’t take credit for that idea, but I thought it was fun and everyone enjoyed writing special sentiments.
Of course we played, “Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size”  (how cute is that colored yarn?!)
And ate yummy treats (one of the creative hostesses designed these cute little food display cards and the invite).  The shower was from 2-4, so we made appetizers (mini quiches, chicken salad croissant sandwiches, and fruit skewers).  Mimosas and wine were also served.
Table, shower, media 012_DSC4083
Table, shower, media 003
Table, shower, media 014
Jelly beans filled these decorative jars from Home Goods.
Table, shower, media 008
The cupcake toppers were from an Etsy shop (I’ll have to ask for specifics and update later).
Table, shower, media 007  _DSC4080
Pretty flowers were a must.
Table, shower, media 009
Even the itty-bittiest guests had fun!


keep in touch! 

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