Saturday, July 31, 2010

I’ve Been Featured:)

I’ve been at this blog thing for nearly two months and I’m quite addicted!  I love perusing all the great blogs out there and am honored to have been recently featured on the following blogs:

Modern Jane

My Photo

Jane loves interior design and has done some awesome before and after projects.

Craft Gossip


Amanda is sharing projects with her readers in the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip.  Isn’t her button cute!

See you all on Monday with a reveal of the front of our home now that it’s complete! 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Style Saturday {I heart MK}

I love, love, love Michael Kors designs.  Especially his watches and handbags.  Since recently becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I’ve certainly been doing more admiring than acquiring.  But that’s okay, I can still appreciate the beauty!  I’m dying over the new camo handbags!

  MKV0GEP_mh MKV0JND_mh MKV0JNG_mn MKV0JPP_mn MKV0JQQ_mn MKV0JRK_mh MKV0KUP_mn MKV0KUR_mh MKY0A5P_mh MKY0DX7_mh MKY0DXE_mh MKY0DXJ_mh MKY0FB0_mh MKY0FC0_mh MKY0FYB_mh MKY0FYD_mh MKY0FYE_mh MKY0H67_mh MKY02X0_mh MKY05LU_mh MKY08VA_mh MKY046K_mh

*all images via Michael Kors.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Room in Progress

Since we seem to spend the most time in the living room, (and especially on the couch), I thought it would be a good place to start- decor wise.  I was thinking it should be pretty easy since we already have the sofa, a nice built-in media/bookshelf cabinet and good bones like dark hardwood floors and nice windows. 

So far, here’s what I’ve come up with:


June 2010 (House) 005


Living Room July 2010 023

  Living Room July 2010 001

 Living Room July 2010 012

Living Room July 2010 002

Living Room July 2010 018

 Living Room July 2010 013

Living Room July 2010 020

Living Room July 2010 019 

Living Room July 2010 007 

Living Room July 2010 009

 Living Room July 2010 003

 Living Room July 2010 015

Living Room July 2010 004

 Living Room July 2010 005 Living Room July 2010 011

           Living Room July 2010 016       

I wanted to keep the color palette very neutral and serene without being too boring.  See my inspiration living rooms here.  I hoped that the added texture in the rug, large vases and pillows would add some visual interest.  Accessorizing the bookshelves is a bit of a challenge for me.  I try to keep the scale in balance and changed the heights of the shelves.  It’s not done, I’m still working it out and also need something for the top of the media cabinet.  I’m probably going to remove that middle shelf so that I can put something larger there.  I’m also thinking of adding some large scale branches or bamboo sticks to the floor vases to draw the eye up.   And maybe some art or framed photos on the walls adjacent to the bookshelf??

I definitely want to add some curtains, but am kind of at a loss on where to start.  I was thinking it would be great to do a pattern since the room is pretty neutral and solid.  Janell at Isabella and Max Rooms did a great post recently on dramatic drapes- I’m inspired!  What do you suggest?

Source List

  • Sectional, lamps and end tables- Pottery Barn
  • Rug- Crate & Barrel (Chevron- color Honey)
  • Pillows- West Elm and Pottery Barn (large sweater pillow)
  • Large rattan vases and throw blanket- Z Gallerie
  • Ottoman- Overstock
  • Decorative accessories in media cabinet- Michaels, West Elm, Hobby Lobby, Crate & Barrel

p.s. notice the laptop on the coffee table near the window?  That little corner of the couch is where I write most of my blog posts:)

**Update** I recently added some decorative sticks to the floor vases (see it here) and painted the back of the media cabinet and changed the accessories (see it here).


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Operation Paint Bedroom Furniture

I’ve had this wooden bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, and swivel mirror) from Ikea for about 15 years.  It’s still in relatively good shape and we’re using it in the guest room.  I wanted to give it a makeover to add some new life to it instead of purchasing new furniture.  I figured it would be really pretty in white and then I could add touches of color to the room with the bedding, art, and accessories.


Thanksgiving 2009 024

Bedroom furniture makeover 008

I’ve never undertaken a project like this before.  But, I figured that given all the hours I’ve spent “studying” Centsational Girl’s tutorials about how to paint furniture, that I was armed with some good knowledge and instructions.  

Day 1.  Like a good student, I sanded the furniture lightly with an electric sander, wiped it down with the tack cloth, then primed each piece with spray primer.  I then tried to spray paint the pieces with white spray paint.  This is where it all went very wrong.  After several coats, it looked terrible.  Very splotchy and uneven.  I think the below picture of the headboard might just be with the primer on, but it didn’t look much better after the spray paint. 

Bedroom furniture makeover 006

I ended up at the hardware store buying paint in a can, rollers, and brushes.  When I got home, I applied the first coat and it looked 100 times better.  Then it started raining!  Seriously.  Did I mention that I was doing this project in our driveway?

Day 2.  Hubby offered to help.  Thank God. 

Needless to say, I quickly discovered that I am no CG, and after two days at this dang fun project in the 100 degree Houston heat and humidity, I really just wanted to be finished!  I’m thinking, she does this for FUN?!?!  I seriously have an even greater appreciation for all of you DIYers out there now (as if I didn’t before:)  Does your back and hands ache too???

Anyhow, the mirror was the last thing to be completed and I really lost steam.  It required some detailed painting, and, in my haste, I really did a sloppy job.  Painted all over the mirror thinking that I could just scrape it off later.  Still on to do list.  My husband commented that CG would be ashamed of me! 

Enough of the drama, here is an AFTER shot of the dresser with new $2 pulls from Lowe’s.

dresser, ring 001

dresser, ring 002

We still have to put the bed together (can’t find all the pieces since the move) and I have lots of paint to scrape off of the mirror.

Even though this project had its challenges, I will not be deterred!  I am determined to try again and, hopefully, my DIY skills will improve with experience. 

Also, note to self: apply sunscreen next time!

back 001


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Organized {Spices}

Am I ridiculous for getting excited about organizing my spices?  Sad, I know:)  Before my little spice-organization project, my spice jars were a mismatched jumble.  I had been wanting to organize them and make them prettier for some time, and when I read how SmittenKitchen organized her spices here, I was inspired.   

Here’s what my confused spices looked like BEFORE.

June 2010 (House) 003 

And here they are AFTER

Pre-Move, spices, closet 006

Pre-Move, spices, closet 007 

  Pre-Move, spices, closet 002

I used the 4.5 ounce sealable glass jars, which are perfect for fitting your whole tablespoon into.  I washed and dried the jars, then  went through my spices to make sure they were still good.  It was also interesting to see which spices I have that I’ve never even opened.  (Hello 5 Spice Powder, nice to meet you!  But me and cinnamon are tight- love you in my oatmeal in the morning!) After making labels with my printer (Font: Bradley Hand ITC), I attached them to each jar.  Like SmittenKitchen points out, there are tiny air bubbles in the labels, but it really doesn’t bother me.

Bedroom furniture makeover 004Bedroom furniture makeover 002

Bedroom furniture makeover 001   Bedroom furniture makeover 003

I put the jars on a lazy susan so that I could rotate them for easy locating of specific spices, and, of course arranged them in rainbow order:)  Makes me want to cook something!

 Pre-Move, spices, closet 001


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