Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Wishing you the happiest of Labor Days!

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This weekend we’ve celebrated a friend’s birthday, visited with my sweet little 1 year old niece, and are working on some projects around the house (pantry and mudroom).  Hope you are enjoying your holiday!  What have y’all been up to on this 3-day weekend?


  1. Painting here...ugh...heirloom white over black...100s of coats!! LOL I'll love when done though.

  2. I went shopping today and actually bought something for myself! ;) Woohoo! Hope your day was great.

  3. Happy Labor Day to you too! I hope you're gonna show us that pantry! I'm working up a pantry project and I'm eating up all the awesome pantrys I've been seeing, and I am looking forward to yours.

  4. Hope you guys had a great labor day :) We had a bbq birthday party for my honey! It was so fun! Good luck with the projects around the house!


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