Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coffee Talk {Link Party}

Emily at Emily A. Clark recently found a fabulous coffee table for her home, which inspired her to host a link party where readers show off their own coffee tables.  I love getting a glimpse into everyone’s living rooms.  And here is a peek into ours:

 ottoman 009

ottoman 001 

As you can see, our coffee table is actually a leather ottoman from Overstock.  I love it because it’s large (39 x 39 inches), fits our space perfectly, was inexpensive, and will hopefully be safer for our little guy, who recently started doing this:

Giraffe, bench, pillows 022

Heaven help me! 

Stop by tomorrow to see my mudroom makeover:)


  1. I think leather ottomans in place of a coffee table are VERY practical, especially when you have a little one. No sharp edges, wipes up easily. It won't be long before he is pulling up on it!

  2. You hit the head on the nail with this coffee table/ottoman choice! We have had one since our daughter turned one (she is now 5) and it has been a life SAVER! I'll link up after I take pics tonight.


  3. That's a great ottoman! It's stylish and perfect for new walkers/fallers!!! We have a table with round edges but we had to take all hardware out of the drawers. We lucked out with child #1 not hitting his head on it.....we'll see how #2 does! ;)

  4. GO JAMES!!! :)
    Love your ottoman... and yes, so much better for babies on the move!
    I commented you back on my sewing post--go check it. ;)

  5. Okay, first of all- I found your blog last week and am living vicariously through you...(but not in a creepy way.) I LOVE your home! You have AMAZING taste, but not super-expensive either. My husband and I got married in June and we have been living with his parents while trying to find a home. We finally got one and are finalizing it and I have become obsessed with collecting ideas for our home. Thank you for sharing you home, it's all of it's georgous glory & the inspiration!

  6. Very pretty room! I should have switched out my table for an ottoman, we had a lot of head bumps on our table. I hate boo boos!

  7. I love your ottoman-as-a-coffee-table! We bought our coffee table and side tables from Crate & Barrel 2 years ago. They're already VERY scratched and dinged from my crazy 3 year old, and my husband complains that he doesn't have anywhere soft to put up his feet. Next stop: giant leather (or fabric) ottoman!! You've got great style! :)

  8. Thanks for posting the link to my blog. And, you will be really happy with the ottoman when the little guy starts climbing on top of it. My 18-month-old gets in trouble at least 24 times a day for standing on our table and jumping off to the couch. . .

  9. I agree that ottomans are great when you have kids (of all ages).


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  11. I have a very, very similar large, square, chocolate brown ottoman in lieu of a coffee table in my living room. No little ones it my house, I just love to put my feat up and it is great for extra seating. Your living room is so pretty!


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