Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sticks & Stones

A few decorating touches have been added recently at our house..  For the living room, I found some tall sticks at Hobby Lobby ($11 a bunch, 3 bunches) for the large floor vases.  Stuffing the vases with loads of paper gave the sticks more height.  I think the new addition really pulls the eye up.  To see the entire room, go here.  

Table, shower, media 010 


Living Room July 2010 018

The formal dining room really needs some help, but I’m not quite ready to tackle that room yet.  We have a table and chairs, but that’s it.  Pretty plain looking, so I added a table runner and a few decorative jars for the time being.  The runner, jars, and rocks are from Target.  I may buy another runner and sew them together so they fit the length of our table.  The candles are from Crate & Barrel. 

Table, shower, media 007

 Table, shower, media 004 

Table, shower, media 006

Next up, paint the back of the media cabinet and rearrange the accessories.   Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait to see what color you paint the back of the media cabinet...I think by doing that it will pull the whole room together!

  2. I love the tall branches. I actually need to grab a bunch for my dining room. I like the simplicity of the runner and hurricanes. Aren't those PB Soy candles awesome?!!!! I have also like when people turn the runners the width rather than length of the table and use them as the placemats as well, then use chargers for the two ends. Can't wait to see the cabinet painted. It does make a difference. Word of warning...don't go too dark or your accessories tend to get lost (learned that the hard way).

  3. It's all those little touches that make the big difference, isn't it? I love your pretty runner and the simple candles in the dining room. Very pretty, and you can swap out the runner seasonally if you want, and just keep the candles.

  4. I love the sticks! I agree. They definitely bring your eye up, but they also give that wall a finished look. Like, now that the vases are holding something, their purpose is fulfilled. :) Love it!

  5. Love the new touches! I also love the new design of your blog!!!

  6. Love the tall branches--they definitely add some definition and height to the room! and Love your Blog! :-) Your home is just beautiful!

  7. Love that neat looking basket on the second shelf. Do you have a close-up picture of it? :)

  8. Nice Girl Notes- the basket on the second shelf is a magazine holder from West Elm. It was initially put there while I was cleaning one day, but it fit, so it stayed:)


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