Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School {paper pretty}

So it’s back to school for kids these days.  Although my school days are officially behind me, I still remember being that kid who actually looked forward to the start of the school year.  Looking back, what I really loved was the back-to-school shopping . . . for school supplies!  Some things never change.  Look what I got absolutely GIDDY over today at Target.**

These fabulous lined notebooks with a trellis and Greek key pattern cover!  Blue, green, orange, oh my! 

 paper 001

paper 008   

paper 007

The green reminds me of . . .

paper 004 

. . . this wallpaper from Ballard Designs.

The orange looks like . . .

paper 005

. . . this Mandarin Maze Greek Key Designer Pillow from WillaSkyeHome

Design meets paper!  Makes me feel like a kid again! 

*Trellis notebooks (set of 3) are 7x10 $8.19

*Greek key notebooks (set of 3) are 4x6 $5.14


  1. OMG,
    the green one is absolutely fabulous!

    I love those little sketchbooks!
    But I have never senn any with one of those beautiful patterns!

  2. Love them! The Grown Up version of those terrible black and white composition notebooks. And, even those come in fab colors these days!!

  3. I was at Target yesterday swooning over the back to school supplies. Like you I was also the kid who looked forward to the start of school, I loved back to school shopping!!

  4. I'm really in love with these too! Every year I feel the need to look at the back to school section @ Target. I always loved getting fresh, new supplies for a new year, and the feeling has never really left me!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  5. Love it! Almost makes me wish i had a reason to buy back to school supplies. Almost!

  6. This is starting to freak me out?! Are you my blog twin?! I picked up that EXACT little notebook last week and am crafting a post around the bliss it brings me?!?!

    Get out of my head lady! :)

    xoxo, cass

  7. Okay so I popped over from Janell's tweet about your mirror and I must say you did a great job! But, when I saw that you purchased these notebooks I had to come over and say that I love them too! I didn't buy them when I saw them, but now I must go back!

  8. Too funny! So Target still has these and every time I've gone in (for the last several months) I've picked up another notebook or binder. I love them!


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