Friday, July 30, 2010

Style Saturday {I heart MK}

I love, love, love Michael Kors designs.  Especially his watches and handbags.  Since recently becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I’ve certainly been doing more admiring than acquiring.  But that’s okay, I can still appreciate the beauty!  I’m dying over the new camo handbags!

  MKV0GEP_mh MKV0JND_mh MKV0JNG_mn MKV0JPP_mn MKV0JQQ_mn MKV0JRK_mh MKV0KUP_mn MKV0KUR_mh MKY0A5P_mh MKY0DX7_mh MKY0DXE_mh MKY0DXJ_mh MKY0FB0_mh MKY0FC0_mh MKY0FYB_mh MKY0FYD_mh MKY0FYE_mh MKY0H67_mh MKY02X0_mh MKY05LU_mh MKY08VA_mh MKY046K_mh

*all images via Michael Kors.


  1. I just adore MK. His things are beautiful!

    Your blog is gorgeous! I have so enjoyed peeking around at some of your older posts!


  2. Me too...i have the white bag with the lock on it...dont know what its called, but its super nice! :)


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