Friday, July 2, 2010

Style Saturday: Fabric and Floral Necklaces

Necklaces and babies sometimes don’t go so well together, but, when I get a chance (maybe on a future date night, hint, hint to hubby), I’d love to don some floral and/or fabric necklaces like these this summer:

             $195- Kate Spade $28- Lucky Brand

            Kate Spade                          Lucky Brand                         

             $34- Hive and Honey $38- Cara Accessories 

        Hive and Honey                    Cara Accessories

                 $45- Betsey Johnson $48- Cara Accessories

            Betsey Johnson              Cara Accessories

                  $48- Juicy Couture  $58- Cara Accessories

                        Juicy Couture                Cara Accessories

                  $58- Tasha $75- Hive and Honey

                 Tasha                                  Hive and Honey

                      $98- Lenora Dame $98- Liz Palacios

                                 Lenora Dame                    Liz Palacios

                         $115- Liz Palacios $135 - Betsy Johnson

                     Liz Palacios                      Betsey Johnson

                          $138- Lenora Dame $148- Juicy Couture

                                    Lenora Dame                    Juicy Couture

                                                    $188- Sequin Crystal & Enamel

                                                       Sequin Crystal and Enamel


  1. Me too! I love the new floral craze. A few bloggers have been posting their own creations and I am dying to have one. Well maybe not dying.
    Let me know which one to wear on the date night.

  2. I am drawn to pretty sparkly things like a moth to a flame. I could stare at those necklaces for ages! ;)


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