Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finding the Perfect Ottoman

Like I said yesterday, our sectional is great, but we need an ottoman for the middle to set things on.  So far, I’ve been using a tray on the actual couch, but I’d rather have the ottoman to put the tray on and hubs wants something to put his feet on.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ottoman that fits the space without being too big (we need to be able to walk around it), too short, or too tall. I’m opting for an ottoman over a coffee table because I wanted something with a “softer” feel.  I was thinking I’d like one in dark brown leather to contrast with the sofa that is micro suede and colored “light wheat” and the rug we’ll be getting this weekend.  I was also hoping to find a good deal since I still need other furnishings- like a breakfast table and chairs- but that’s another post. 

Here is what I found so far, who knew how expensive ottomans could be?! 

 Broadway LthrOttoBasilS10 $699 CB (37-16)

Crate & Barrel $699

Devin Square Ottoman- $899 (38x38-19)- CB Overstock $215 (30x30- 18) Leather Tuffed Ottoman Dark Brown

   Crate & Barrel $899                                 Overstock $215

 Overstock $230 (32x32) 16.5 Hudson Dark Brown Leather Ottoman PB $899 (42x42- 18) Sullivan Leather Square Ottoman

    Overstock $230                                 Pottery Barn $899

Overstock $343 (48.4 x30.8 -16.5) Jonathon Brown By-cast leather bench ottoman PB $549 Greenwich Ottoman (31x24- 18)

Overstock $343                       Pottery Barn $549- matches our sofa.

Overstock $309 (39x39 15.5) Narcy By-Cast Leather Brown Cocktail Ottoman

Overstock $309.  Right now, this one is the front-runner.  It’s on the lower end of the price-spectrum, got good reviews, and should fit our space (it’s 38”x38”). 

Here’s the rug that will go in the living room, on hubby’s to do list to pick up this weekend!


 It’s a jute/sisal blend (10x13) (Island Cream by Crate & Barrel).  I spent foreveh going to various stores, kicking off my flip-flops and walking on the rugs.  I knew I wanted jute or sisal but they can be so scratchy- I wanted it to feel good on the feet too.  This one does. 

So which ottoman do you like best?  Or have you seen another one that you think would be better?

 *To see a great ottoman makeover visit Modern Jane’s blog.  I love the light blue fabric she chose and she was featured on High Heel Foot in the Door too, where she found the tutorial.


  1. I don't have any recommendations on ottomans, but VERY wise choice going with that over a wood or glass coffee table. You will be so thankful once the baby starts to be mobile. Trust me! I would get one with the least amount of wood and lots of cushioning on the sides! :)

  2. I didn't realize how pricey those things are! I like your front runner though! Great choice (price/size/style!)

  3. Thanks for the mention! I personally like the round one but it may not be big enough for your large ottoman.. maybe 2?? :) that would just be double the price I guess!

  4. They are expensive. A friend of mine made one with her hubby recently. They made it open up like a trunk so they could store blankets inside. I like the one you have picked out. :) Thanks so much for the visit yesterday. :)

  5. My wife & I have been looking for an ottoman to go with our leather sofa and, like you, discovered just how pricey these things can be. We found a nice leather storage ottoman at Sam's Club that's a good scale, decent price ($200) and matches the style of the sofa well enough. The stubby little square legs are bland and don't match at all, but my local Lowe's hardware store has some unfiinished tulip bun feet that would work just right with an espresso-color stain and they're just $6 apiece.

    Now if I can just wrap up some other projects to make time/room for this one!


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