Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Faux Flowers?

Nothing brightens up a room like fresh flowers.  I’d love to put them in just about every room of the house, but that definitely adds up over time considering most flowers don’t last long.  I will usually buy an inexpensive bunch of flowers at the grocery store while I’m shopping and put a stem or two in a little vase near the kitchen sink and on the bathroom countertop or on my nightstand.  Makes me smile every time I see them.  Once in a while, I’ll “splurge” on a larger arrangement for the dining table or the living room. 

Lately, I’ve noticed the retailers putting out more faux flowers that actually look pretty good.  I know that designers such as Nate Berkus always say fresh is best and that if it’s not possible, use things found in nature, like branches.  What are we thinking of the new faux variety? 

RH- orchids RH Topiary

                                                                                         Image via Restoration Hardware


        Image via Pottery Barn                                                                            Image via Horchow

Horchow.02 Horchow.04

                             Images via Horchow


Image via Horchow


  1. NDI has really nice arrangements!!

  2. LOL! I just saw this post in your "You might also like..." below your recent post! Yes, I love faux flowers. I have two little mini preserved boxwood topiaries that I haven't put out yet. When I do, I will post a pic of them. They are adorable! Yet, they are real/preserved, which is even better than silk. But I still AM a big fan of any silk/faux flowers. I also love dried flowers! Take care.


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