Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Couch in Real Life

Remember the couch I ordered for the new house?  Well, it arrived on moving day and it is perfect!  I was concerned that it wouldn’t fit our living room, but it does:)  Since it arrived, we have been doing everything on the couch:

Hangin’ out . . .

Pre-Move, spices, closet 004

Playing with Daddy . . .

Pre-Move, spices, closet 007

Eating pears for the first time . . .

Baby in new house (mid June 2010) 001

Drinking coffee (me, not the baby!) and eating breakfast . . .

Baby in new house (mid June 2010) 004

Relaxing in the morning and playing with toys . . .

Baby in new house (mid June 2010) 005 

Entertaining Uncle Chaz and Aunt Jess . . .

Baby in new house (mid June 2010) 002

And Uncle Frank and Aunt Stacey and soon-to-arrive Ms. Violet!

Baby in new house (mid June 2010) 001

Clearly, there is lots of unpacking and decorating to do, but hanging on the couch is just so nice!

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  1. First of all your house is AMAZING! I can't imagine how much fun you are going to have decorating it:) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I look forward to reading your post on ottomans tomorrow!


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